Build Android apps faster with fastdx.jar

super fast Pre-dexing and Dexing

fastdx.jar is a drop in replacement of dx.jar. Your build time gets significantly faster 

Setup is as easy as...

  1. Download fastdx-0.1.1.jar.
  2. Place it as build-tools/*/lib/dx.jar 
    Don't forget to make a backup copy of original dx.jar.  
  3. Build. 

Download fastdx-0.1.1.jar

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It depends. Here are some benchmark result.

Benchmark 1 (40% faster build time)

 Original dx.jar. 17sec.

 fastdx.jar. 12sec. (After cache is created)

Benchmark 2 (80% faster build time)

 Original dx.jar. 36sec.

 fastdx.jar. 20sec. (After cache is created)